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Subject: [Leica] visoflex
From: jayanand at (Jayanand Govindaraj)
Date: Fri Aug 1 19:07:23 2008
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I would think that the most convenient bodies for a macro shoot (on a
tripod) would be those with a Live View Mirror Up mode like the Nikon
D3/D300 - there might be others bodies that offer this. I know its very
useful on the D300, using the 55/3.5, 60/2.8 or 180/2.8 (with extension

On Sat, Aug 2, 2008 at 12:56 AM, Henning Wulff 

> At 06:53 PM 7/31/2008, leo wesson wrote:
>>> I don't understand it.  All of the acronyms sound like secret society
>>> talk.
>>> If I want to do closeup stuff with my M8, what do I need?
>>> Can I use any of my m lenses?
>> The OTZFO and the like are not acronyms:  they are catalogue code-words
>> used by Leitz from before World War I until 1958.  The rationale behind
>> these was to save money back when salesmen sent in orders by telegraph and
>> were charged by the word.  Leitz started to change this to a numeric 
>> system
>> in 1936 but the switch was killed off by the advent of World War II and so
>> the code-word system survived until 1958 before the progenitor of the
>> current "computerized" system was adopted.  (Zeiss Ikon always used a
>> numeric system, incidentally, though it changed its system in the 1950's;
>> Carl Zeiss Jena used catalogue code-words through World War II.)
>> I have never seen an M8 so I do not know its basic dimensions.  I
>> understand that a Visoflex III will fit an M8 with the 90-degree VF but I 
>> am
>> not certain whether the shutter release marries up.  (For that matter, a
>> 1936 PLOOT would work, with a double cable release, though you need an
>> adapter to fit the LTM cable-release fitting to the M8.)
>> For close-up work, a Viso III and Bellows II would be ideal.  A Viso III
>> also allows telephoto work as far out as you care to go:  I regularly 
>> shoot
>> with my M6 on a Questar 3.5 with a 2X Dakin Barlow for a total focal 
>> length
>> of 2600mm.  That is a LONG optical beam, though, so a SOLID mount is 
>> needed!
>> With a Bellows II, you ought to pick up an LTM 39mm by 26 turns-per-inch
>> Whitworth) to M42 adapter.  One of the successors to Edmund Scientific (I
>> constantly confuse the two) sells an M42 to "Royal Screw" (the Objective
>> Thread of the Royal Microscope Society, still the standard microscope
>> objective thread to this day) adapter.  With this combination, you can 
>> then
>> mount all of those lovely Mikrotars and Luminars and Photars and
>> Micro-Tessars and Micro-Summars and Milars to your camera for macro- and
>> microphotography as now exists only in your wildest dreams.
>> Next, we'll get you into the Aristophot system, and you'll be doing
>> digital through your microscopes ...
>> Marc
>> Cha robh b?s fir gun ghr?s fir!
> The M8 works well with the Aristophot, and easier than ever with film. The
> Aristophot sometimes came with a special version of the Viso III which
> allowed readily interchangeable screens, mostly to allow clear screens for
> aerial focussing. This also makes it easy to mask off the sensor size.
> The Viso III arm can be adjusted properly for shutter release on the M8,
> and if you are willing to allow a slight shutter lag, you can get auto
> metering as well, as the M8 can then get the exposure information after the
> mirror goes up and before the shutter opens. It's pretty easy to set up. I
> use the bellows II with a number of lenses and the 65/3.5, 135/4 TE and
> 135/2.8 in short mounts as well as the 400 and 560/6.8. Works fine, except
> the 65 is especially handy with the aperture preset. So the downside is the
> aperture preset thing, but the upside is that you have auto exposure 
> (manual
> is clumsier) and the kit is quite small.
> Cheapest, workable setup is the Viso III with 90 degree prism (make sure
> the prism is for the Viso III; the Viso II 90 degree prism works with M
> cameras up to the M6 classic except the M5; the Viso III prism works for 
> all
> M cameras) with the 16464/OTZFO focussing mount and 135 Elmar or Tele-Elmar
> head and some 16471/OTRPO extension tubes for extra close work.
> I have some SLR macro lenses; specifically the 55/3.5 and 200/4
> Micro-Nikkors and Canon 60 and 100 macro lenses. In the end the combo that
> gets most used is the AI Micro Nikkor 200/4 on a Canon cropped sensor body.
> That gives me a 320mm equivalent angle of view. I find that to be 
> preferable
> to having an auto diaphragm (and, irrelevantly, auto focus) with the 
> shorter
> focus 100mm Canon macro.
> The combo that gets used next most is the M8/Viso III/65 Elmar.
> And then, if the little stuff is really little, and can be pinned down, I
> bring it inside and introduce it to the Aristophot with the Photars....
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