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Subject: [Leica] visoflex
From: marcsmall at (Marc James Small)
Date: Fri Aug 1 05:46:38 2008
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At 06:53 PM 7/31/2008, leo wesson wrote:
 >I don't understand it.  All of the acronyms sound like secret society talk.
 >If I want to do closeup stuff with my M8, what do I need?
 >Can I use any of my m lenses?

The OTZFO and the like are not acronyms:  they 
are catalogue code-words used by Leitz from 
before World War I until 1958.  The rationale 
behind these was to save money back when salesmen 
sent in orders by telegraph and were charged by 
the word.  Leitz started to change this to a 
numeric system in 1936 but the switch was killed 
off by the advent of World War II and so the 
code-word system survived until 1958 before the 
progenitor of the current "computerized" system 
was adopted.  (Zeiss Ikon always used a numeric 
system, incidentally, though it changed its 
system in the 1950's;  Carl Zeiss Jena used 
catalogue code-words through World War II.)

I have never seen an M8 so I do not know its 
basic dimensions.  I understand that a Visoflex 
III will fit an M8 with the 90-degree VF but I am 
not certain whether the shutter release marries 
up.  (For that matter, a 1936 PLOOT would work, 
with a double cable release, though you need an 
adapter to fit the LTM cable-release fitting to the M8.)

For close-up work, a Viso III and Bellows II 
would be ideal.  A Viso III also allows telephoto 
work as far out as you care to go:  I regularly 
shoot with my M6 on a Questar 3.5 with a 2X Dakin 
Barlow for a total focal length of 2600mm.  That 
is a LONG optical beam, though, so a SOLID mount is needed!

With a Bellows II, you ought to pick up an LTM 
39mm by 26 turns-per-inch Whitworth) to M42 
adapter.  One of the successors to Edmund 
Scientific (I constantly confuse the two) sells 
an M42 to "Royal Screw" (the Objective Thread of 
the Royal Microscope Society, still the standard 
microscope objective thread to this day) 
adapter.  With this combination, you can then 
mount all of those lovely Mikrotars and Luminars 
and Photars and Micro-Tessars and Micro-Summars 
and Milars to your camera for macro- and 
microphotography as now exists only in your wildest dreams.

Next, we'll get you into the Aristophot system, 
and you'll be doing digital through your microscopes ...

Cha robh b?s fir gun ghr?s fir!

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