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Subject: [Leica] Another Door Closed to Photography
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Sat Jul 12 06:31:23 2008

Hell another door closed to photography? 

You guys don't have any idea how bad it is in documentary photography of the
world around us even when we're shooting the wonderful people who do
everything there is possible to help the down trodden, helpless, ill and

Not long ago I shot two wonderful books about doctors, nurses and care
givers doing their thing in helping folks survive to a better life, whatever
the illness or repair job.

I recently started to do a new level of what I considered to be the next
generation of these same people. Seemed simple enough, "take pictures of
them learning their skills to help the ill and less unfortunate."


I was required to ask each and everyone of these "students if they wanted to
have their pictures taken? While learning how to be helpful to human kind?"
Did I have their signed permission in writing? And without question, what
was the final use of the photography and did I have permission of everyone.
including the unconscious patient whom you couldn't see in any shape or form
other than a "lump on the table" permission? Their mothers wouldn't know who
it was!!! 

Here I am a photojournalist with more than a half century experience and a
photo collection in the National Archives of Canada of 280,000 images in a
collection of how "we lived and survived the world about us" all in a manner
of real life as it was possible under the circumstance.


Damn Mickey mouse worry warts who are more concerned about their asses,
jobs, and insurance litigation than illustrating what life is truly like in
absolute honest injun what it's really like image of today! Who to blame? 

I don't know and quite frankly I have come to a point where I don't really
care! Nor give a damn! The losers? 

The people of the future! Those who could learn what it was like as we
learned what our forefathers and foremothers went through during their and
our earlier times.

It truly is a shame because of, in most cases some mickey mouse two bit ass
hole moron who wants to make money, trouble or has caused trouble over a
nothing event. 

We as real photojournalists are being straddled with this crap of paper work
and litigation while documenting the world of today simply because of people
who figure they can make "money" through a lawyer!

Sorry I sound like I'm pissed off! I am! Damn real world of today!!!!! 






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We (at least the younger among us) may very well see the day

when street photographers will require a permit and show just cause.


One's only hope in these times is to hone one's people skills

and develop trusting relationships in those places we wish apply or  



'tis a very sad time.


I know one very fine photographer who's given up the craft due to  

lack of access

various harassments by official and pseudo-official individuals, as  

well as many state and national parks now requiring permits (if  

you're a professional).


Fond regards,





On Jul 11, 2008, at 10:23 PM, Jim Nichols wrote:




> I dropped by our local Burger King tonight to grab some sandwiches  

> and noticed a new sticker on both the outside and inside of the  

> entry door.  It said, "No Videotaping or Photography Permitted".   

> This was apparently added recently.  While I have never seen an  

> occasion necessitating photographs there, I suspect it is posted  

> because they have a separate play area for small children, and  

> parents are getting very sensitive about photos of their kids.


> Jim Nichols

> Tullahoma, TN USA


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