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Subject: [Leica] M8 and the WAR
From: adrian.weale at (Adrian Weale)
Date: Wed Jun 11 11:35:08 2008

I agree:  very different animals indeed and there's no great point in
comparing them.  The lesson I learned was that the conditions were such that
a non 'pro-spec' DSLR struggled in Iraq whereas the simple and robust
mechanical rangefinder I took coped with them perfectly well (I did have the
M6 overhauled when I got back as a precaution but the repairer didn't notice
any particular problems with it).  While it isn't something I'm losing any
sleep over, I'm wondering whether, when I go to Afghanistan next year, I
should bother with a digital camera at all or just stick to a couple of M
film bodies.  Oddly enough, the film stock I took with me (Fuji Provia 100)
coped with the heat very well.

The D100 was a perfectly acceptable camera but I had no hesitation in
Ebaying it when the D200 appeared and actually got just under ?500 for it!


Mark Rabiner wrote:

Both the D100 and M8 are digital "first outs" by the respective companies
Nikon and Leica.
And that's where their similarity ends.
The D100 is a plastic cameras which broke DSLR price barriers. It got me
into digital photography.


If the D100 was not perfect it was ok was it was a grand and a half and the
D200 was a real camera made for serious use and we all just got that when
the time came. I don't even use the D100 as a back up body I use a D40x.

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