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Subject: [Leica] Vuescan versus Vuescan Pro?
From: octabod at (Luis Miguel Castañeda Navas)
Date: Mon Jun 9 23:09:01 2008
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On 10/06/2008, at 7:46, G Medina wrote:

> Question is, do I need the Vuecan Pro or not? I'm going to be  
> scanning primarily silver halide films (HP-5 and Tri-x) for  
> archiving and eventual printing.

given the price difference, I'd go, and I did, with the pro, not an  
expensive software anyway.

> Also, is there another better option than Elements 4.0 for silver  
> halide film folks?

it only depends on what you wanna do with your pictures after scanning  
them. Elements can do all the basics, but nothing more, and nothing  

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