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Subject: [Leica] Nathan's PAD 24/05: unwelcome visitors / looking for poultry advice
From: at (Douglas Sharp)
Date: Sun May 25 15:11:29 2008
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Hi Nathan,

1)  Mallard

2) Edible yes, enjoyable. not necessarily - you don't really know what 
and where they've been eating

3) What you need are a couple of sacks of polysterene balls that float 
on the water, stops the ducks but doesn't stop you swimming. Prevents 
evaporation losses too. Disadvantage - the balls tend to get covered 
with green algae after a time.

Or, failing that, netting supported on poles at the corners of the pool. 
(also helps to keep dead leaves off thw water in autumn)

Anything that goes bang or barks scares them and makes them shit within 


Nathan wrote:
> Three PADs for yesterday, mainly because it is a logical sequence. I 
> am also cross-posting to the LUG because there are some extremely 
> knowledgeable people there, and I need some advice.
> There are some ducks(?) or geese(?) that have taken up residence 
> nearby. As a result, we often find this in our pool (this one was 
> yesterday afternoon):
> Looks cute, except that they shit in the pool, which is a major 
> nuisance. So I let the dog out or scare them off myself. They usually 
> go reluctantly, first up onto the garden wall:
> And then finally they f**k off:
> So now I have some questions for the birders here:
> - what is this species?
> - is it edible?
> - is there something we can to scare them off when we are not at home? 
> Is there any particular plant or smell that they hate?
> TIA,
> Nathan
> Nathan Wajsman
> Alicante, Spain
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