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Subject: [Leica] Nathan's PAD 24/05: unwelcome visitors / looking forpoultry advice
From: kcarney1 at (Ken Carney)
Date: Sun May 25 12:24:49 2008


That is a male (drake) mallard duck (a/k/a "greenhead").  There is probably
a hen around too, drab without the colors.  When they wintered over in our
pool (we have a solid cover now), I would see the male walk around, then
when it was deemed safe the hen would come out.  If you want to get rid of
them for good, just throw a firecracker by the pool.

(Pray that geese don't take to your place - then you will have a mess beyond

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> Subject: [Leica] Nathan's PAD 24/05: unwelcome visitors / looking
> forpoultry advice
> Three PADs for yesterday, mainly because it is a logical sequence. I
> am also cross-posting to the LUG because there are some extremely
> knowledgeable people there, and I need some advice.
> There are some ducks(?) or geese(?) that have taken up residence
> nearby. As a result, we often find this in our pool (this one was
> yesterday afternoon):
> Looks cute, except that they shit in the pool, which is a major
> nuisance. So I let the dog out or scare them off myself. They usually
> go reluctantly, first up onto the garden wall:
> And then finally they f**k off:
> So now I have some questions for the birders here:
> - what is this species?
> - is it edible?
> - is there something we can to scare them off when we are not at
> home? Is there any particular plant or smell that they hate?
> TIA,
> Nathan
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