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Subject: [Leica] Support the Orphan Works Bills! Kill the Publishers!
From: lug at (Steve Unsworth)
Date: Tue May 13 17:49:33 2008

Marc, of course it unacceptable that Hove have cheated some authors out of
their  royalties. However Hove were/are publishers of fairly esoteric books
that don't sell in very large numbers. So if someone like Hove stiffs the
authors not many people get hurt and not for much money - yes each loss is a
tragedy for the author, but Dan Brown you're not. However it appears that
this bill could potentially affect vast numbers of photographers at an
enormous cost to them.

You need a sense of perspective and not think the world revolves around your
problem. There are bigger issues at stake.


On 12/5/08 07:07, "Marc James Small" <> wrote:

> I have said enough. You folks are absurd.  If you
> want my help, then give me your help.  You people
> seem unconcerned that the Hove authors have gone
> unpaid for years.  Let's work together instead of at odds.

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