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Subject: [Leica] Appraisal for a custom, late m2
From: hoppyman at (Geoff Hopkinson)
Date: Thu May 8 05:52:21 2008
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I think that was one of Mark's best replies for sometime ;-)
To be fair, the LUG is a font of information. In this case I don't think
that anyone could make a useful estimate based solely on a small pic and the
brief comment. May I suggest that a search of on-line sales, for example the
Bay or a visit to a reputable dealer might give some broad indication. If it
is a rarity then that gets into the realm of collectors which is quite a
specialized thing, I would think. Rarity, desirability, item condition and
the lust of the potential buyers, etc make values pretty nebulous and
subjective of course.
Someone will now post a meticulous history, the initials of the technician
that tanned the lizard hide and a price estimate accurate to within $7.50! 


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Subject: Re: [Leica] Appraisal for a custom, late m2

> Hello,
> Just wanted to know ow much would this be worth with the lens?
> Everything works smoothly
Depends on the Lizard!

If it comes from the Mongolochamopidae family
It is a Lanthanotus borneensis (earless monitor) (1) is a semi-aquatic,
brown lizard from Borneo.
A dime a dozen.

If it comes from the Cordylidae family:
Cordylidae is a family of mid-sized lizards that inhabits Madagascar and
eastern Africa. The family is mostly terrestrial and insectivorous.
You might get some real money for it.

All info pasted from Wiki

Make a print from this picture its 2378 x 3320 pixies. 2.1 megs.
And hold up the camera to it.
You may find a match.
Then fly with it.

Mark William Rabiner

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