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Subject: [Leica] Leica R lenses and Olympus E-510
From: leica at (Didier Ludwig)
Date: Mon Apr 14 23:47:24 2008
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Mark has a somehow irrational reflex against everything fourthirds. Whenever 
the discussion comes to this system, he can not rattle off his well known 
arguments enough. There is only one acceptable non-full-frame-camera on 
earth, it's his personal Nikon D40. Everything else is crap and does not 
make good pictures. Isnt't it, Mark? ;-) 

At 01:33 15.04.2008, Richard Man wrote:
>Mark, check this site out:
>The APS-C sensor is not a whole lot bigger than the 4/3 sensor, especially 
>the vertical height dept. Any noise complaints about 4/3 can be applied to 

At 04:29 PM 4/14/2008, Mark Rabiner wrote:
>>Its not 1.5 X it 2 times and yes this does make noise an issue and city
>>shooting at night much less of a big bang full of fun as your results will
>>look great as long as you keep them the size of a biz card.
>>Sensor cleaning to me is no big deal just blow on it.
>>My sensor on my D40x for some reason has never shown a spot on the sensor.
>>And it was no cleaning.
>>But my other body has. The D200x. I have to be really on that and hate to
>>change glass in the fired as I don't have my blowguns handy with the red
>>skinny spigots.
>>20.7mmx13.8mm cut out of the 24x36 size it was designed to deal with!
>>Seems a big of a waste. As half the money you're spending on this otherwise
>>not lightweight Leica glass is for the consistency of field right out to 
>>edges. You're way into the sweet spot.
>>Any half wit glass is sharp in the very center.

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