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Subject: [Leica] If my leica were a memory foam mattress, which memory foam mattress would it be?
From: grduprey at (
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:08:46 2008


My wife and I use the Sleep Number bead, and have had very good luck with it.


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From: "Kyle Cassidy" <>
> Two decades of carrying 20+lbs of camera gear and gin around in a giant
> domke have done a number on my poor back. Having been brainwashed by
> National Public Radio for all these years advising me during the groggy
> hours of the morning that for sleep comfort, I need a Tempurpedic bed
> from the Healthy Back Store, I went to their website and found that to
> asuaged by camera-related injury would cost about $2200, which is
> cheaper than an M8, but more expensive than a D300. I noticed that there
> are knockoffs ranging from $500 to $1400 -- the $500 models have no free
> return and the mid-priced model has a 365 day trial. (you might just say
> "just try them out and if you don't like it, send it back, you idiot,
> stop bothering us with this nonsense" -- but I'd rather avoid all the
> repackaging and whatnots.)  I'm assuming that since y'alls also carry
> 20+ lbs of stuff around (except for you lazy Europers who only have to
> carry 10 kilograms) on one shoulder for the past 20 years y'all also
> have backs that are made out of oreo cookies and millet (I'm not sure
> what that means, but it sounds funny) and some of you have discovered
> the magic bed that makes the pain go away. Percoset probably also makes
> the pain go away, but I don't want to start looking like one of those
> old men at the diner setting out 90 pills before his chipped beef
> arrives.
> Thanks for your advice.
> kyle
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