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Subject: [Leica] lens kit for Europe
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Thu Mar 27 11:22:57 2008

> I would....
> 1) Make sure your camera gear is insured ideally for replacement value.
> 2) Check with your insurance agent as to what you need to file a claim in 
> case
> it is stolen.
> 3) Take both M8 and DSLR....  you'll have something if either one dies, 
> gets
> broken from a drop, or worse case scenario gets stolen.  (you'll enjoy your
> trip more if it is insured too!!!!l)
> Ideally your backup uses the same cards, batteries and chargers.... having 
> two
> different systems unfortunately adds extra periferials, size and weight.
> When I travel, I shoot as much or probably a bit more with a 70-200 than 
> with
> a real wide zoom 16-35mm...  It really depends on your vision and what you 
> are
> photographing....  Usually what you really want in photo gets lost in 
> sweeping
> wideangle shots as your mind sees it bigger than the wideangle lens will.
> Actually I'd recommend that you only take the DSLR....
> As that would allow you to loan me M8 while you are gone.....  ; )
> Duane (I'd take good care of it) Birkey
Me I cant prefer my DSLR over my M8 cause I don't got no M8 so I cant make
those recommendations. I do know that a DSLR is more than just an SLR with a
D in front if it. Its a whole lot more in terms of what it does to your
photography and  your lifestyle you have to change your name and
everything.. But owning an M8 certainly seems to transform everyone on the

You hear Ted or Tina or other committed photographers and they talk in
multiples. They see a camera they like they pick up an armful. Drop them in
their basket.

A second body makes that first body much more usable. Less precious.
You know you're going to bring home the shot.

A whole another system? Tupperware DSLRs when you already have an M8 kit?
Makes no sense to me.

In less you have to smell the daisies with a macro and or need longer than
135. Both bad reasons as macro is not that big an issue with M's (they make
at least one) and a 90 with a 1.33 crop circle factor is long enough for an
African SAFARI.
And you can crop like crazy if you just use a low enough iso.

Mark William Rabiner

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