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Subject: [Leica] Red-brick Gothic
From: afirkin at (Alastair Firkin)
Date: Mon Mar 24 17:11:01 2008

never heard of anyone wearing out a Rollei ;-) You make me want to pull out 
my beautiful 3003 again: wonderful lenes including a fish eye. Oh for a 
digital back !!!! Still, I do hope to get back to it for b/w. To the images:

1. woman hidden by the tree/grate would have been better with her in the 
image or perhaps gone altogether
2. Sky is a disaster of course, but the street scene is fine
3. The people are nicely separated in this one and certainly add to the image
4. ditto, and love the wonky buildings in the b/g: waist level for this one?
5. looks like he's a Rollei fan
6. a bit too far from the action
7. Colour looks good here despite the weather. Wonderful building
8. too much foreground: this is one where using the wide, you can correct 
distortion by using only the upper 50% of the image: Rollei half frame
9. wow, sudden change of feeling: love the composition and the water looks 
cold: at last, something in the sky ;-)


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From: Douglas Sharp <>
To: Leica Users Group <>,
Subject: [Leica] Red-brick Gothic
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 14:09:35 +0100

Totally OT equipment and negative film too - trying out my Rollei 3003, 
bought recently to replace an SL2000F that finally gave up the ghost 
(IMO - the most innovative 35mm camera ever made - the only thing 
missing is a digital back) with a Voigtl?nder Color-Skoparex 4/21mm 
(poosibly the most compact 21mm along with its twin the Rolleinar 4/21) 
on dreary, wet and windy days in Hannover and L?neburg.
The film was cheap Fuji consumer negative stuff that was well over its 
sell-by date (or are Fuji colours always a bit strange?)

City Square in L?neburg, Lower Saxony

Please don't mention verticals - hardly anything is vertical in 
L?neburg, it has something to do with subsidence from the old salt mines.

The edge of the 'Altstadt' in Hannover, Lower Saxony
The old town hall

The old town hall and the Marktkirche in Hannover
No idea what the pentagram on the church tower means .

And even worse weather in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein
The dockyards on the Kieler F?rde

Hope you like them, C+C welcome.

Leica Users Group.
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