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Subject: [Leica] Questions about the visoflex III
From: luisripoll at (Luis Ripoll)
Date: Mon Mar 17 17:49:14 2008
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Thank you very much for your details and knowledge of all these lenses, a
really interesting explanation I'm going to keep on my computer.
Unfortunately we have any more Kdochrome 25, neither Technical Pan, but
Ektachrome 64 is not bad, neither Ilford Pan 50 ASA...

Saludos cordiales

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Asunto: [Leica] Questions about the visoflex III

I regard to the two versions of the 65 mm Elmar lenses, I offer the
following comments.  The earlier chrome version is a low contrast lens that
achieves excellent resolution of 80 lpm at only f8.  Color pictures show a
pastel rendition, that can be wonderful if that is what you want.  The black
version is a high contrast lens of much higher resolution.  These comments
are based on actual picture results with B&W and color slide films.  The
resolution results were on B&W film taken of resolution test targets at the
conventional 26 focal length distance.  Neither lens achieved excellent
resolution at the edges, but at macro distances where the center of the lens
is used to project the picture results, the resolution is excellent across
the field.  In comparison shots taken at the reproduction ratio of 1:5 with
the 60 mm Macro Elmarit R and the 100 mm APO macro Elmarit R lenses with
Kodachrome, the results were indistinguishable.  When I work with the
Bellows R, the two lenses that I use without hesitation are the black 65 mm
Elmar and 100 mm Macro Elmar.  If I want to use macro lenses as universal
lenses, I choose the 60 mm Macro Elmarit R and 100 mm APO Macro Elmarit R
lenses.  They are both superb, from the center to the corner of the picture
and at all distances. 

I should add, that in resolution tests taken with the much Lamented Kodak
Technical Pan film, the 60 and 100 mm R lenses run circles around the other
lenses discussed above.  The great leveler though are the films that are
most commonly used where maximum resolution is from 80 to 100 lines per
millimeter.  All of these lenses, except the chrome 65 mm Elmar, at optimum
aperture out-resolve these films.    

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