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Subject: [Leica] Questions about Visoflex III
From: marcsmall at (Marc James Small)
Date: Sun Mar 16 21:16:43 2008
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At 06:03 AM 3/16/2008, Luis Ripoll wrote:
 >I've purchased on e-Bay a Visofex III with the adapter 16464 for Elmar 65,
 >Elmar & Tele Elmar 135, and Elmarit 90. I don't have any of these lenses, 
 >questions are:
 >1.- Can I use my other lenses on the Visoflex?. I have only "modern" 
 >Summicron & Summilix 35, Various 50mm, Summilux 75, Summicron 90/2AA & T-E
 >90/2,8, and the Apo-Telyt 135/3,4.
 >2.- Which lens do you recommend for macrophotography, IMO the 65 is 
 >the best. I'm not going to use telephoto.
 >3.- I suppose that metering through the M6 and later models will be precise

You can use any Leitz or Leica M BM lens but they 
will not focus to infinity.  Many of the  longer 
M lenses made into the 1980's will unscrew to 
permit their use on a Visoflex while preerving 
infinity focus.  Pick up a copy of Erwin Puts' 
Leica CD-ROM as this includes Viso II and III 
instruction sheets which explain lens and adapter compatibility.

The best choice for microphotography are the Carl 
Zeiss Luminars and the Leitz Photars, though you 
have to kludge an adapter to fit the Bellows 
II.  The 3.5/65 Elmar is a solid macro lens, especially the second version.

You have to lift the mirror out of the light path 
to allow metering on the M6 and its offspring 
but, yes, the metering is extremely precise.

Cha robh b?s fir gun ghr?s fir!

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