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Subject: [Leica] Questions about Visoflex III
From: hoppyman at (Geoff Hopkinson)
Date: Sun Mar 16 04:16:44 2008
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Hola Luis. I have one too and it is a lot of fun. The older lenses with a
detachable head are the easiest to use. 50's and shorter mean that the
working distance is extremely close and awkward. It depends on how much
magnification you want, of course. I use the 135's with detachable head and
also an older 90. The 65 is highly sought after for this job. The black
ones, I think are supposed to be the best. They seem to sell for ridiculous
prices and I gave up trying to find one. You can also get a bellows setup
which makes the whole thing very versatile. I will send you a lot of details
off-list for your interest.

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Questions about Visoflex III

Hi Luis,

The visoflex 3 has a standard M bayonet. Therefore you can use all your 
lenses on the visoflex but you will not have infinity focus.
But if you only want to do macro it is no problem. I'd say that a 50 or 
90 will give the best results. Which one yo use depends on the 
magnification you want. 35 and shorter as well as zoom lenses are 
probably not the best choice.
But yes the 65 is the lens to use for macro on a visoflex. The 135 tele 
elmar is good also and quit cheap. Make sure you get one with the first 
barrel because the later can't be used.
The meter in the m6 will work fine but only with mirror up.
The way to work is: compose the picture using the viso, get the mirror 
out of the way, set aperture, set speed while using the M6 vf.
Becuase of this hassle I decided the best visoflex is a Leica SLR and I 
bought a R3 which  cost about the same as a visoflex:-)

Cheers and have fun,

Michiel Fokkema

Luis Ripoll wrote:
> Hi,
> I've purchased on e-Bay a Visofex III with the adapter 16464 for Elmar 65,
> Elmar & Tele Elmar 135, and Elmarit 90. I don't have any of these lenses,
> questions are:
> 1.- Can I use my other lenses on the Visoflex?. I have only "modern"
> Summicron & Summilix 35, Various 50mm, Summilux 75, Summicron 90/2AA & T-E
> 90/2,8, and the Apo-Telyt 135/3,4.
> 2.- Which lens do you recommend for macrophotography, IMO the 65 is
> the best. I'm not going to use telephoto.
> 3.- I suppose that metering through the M6 and later models will be
> Thank you very much in advance for your help, opinions, and infornation
> Saludos cordiales
> Luis
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