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Subject: [Leica] OT: different Apple desktops
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Thu Mar 13 05:32:10 2008

> Nathan,
> Like Spencer says, you loose expandability.   The Imacs are  really compact
> and have a very pleasing footprint.  Love the new keyboard. I'm not too 
> sure
> about the screen.  It's glossy and I think it gives you false blacks, sort
> of like a drugstore glossy print, if you know what I mean.  I think you
> could get used to it although you would probably want to do some type of
> calibration with it.  You might want to check that ram figure.  On the 
> apple
> website here, it shows the ram being expandable to 4 gig, not 16.  I think
> that would be 2 - 2gig chips, which are pretty pricey.
> Myself, since I have started to do video for clients, when I upgrade, I 
> will
> upgrade to the tower  for the ram slots and the drive slots and the pci
> slots.  But my g5 keeps chugging along.  Since you like to buy used, did 
> you
> consider a g5?  I have had 0 problems with mine over the past 3 years.
> Also, don't forget that you son, being a student, can get a discount at the
> apple education store.
> Leo Wesson
> Photographer/Videographer
> 817.733.9157
I have my POWERBOOK on a little stand.
Lets air underneath. As it runs hot they say now.

I have one of their new keyboards hooked up to it. With numbers and
everything! And a mouse!
And Mouse pad! Those are getting hard to find!
If my keyboard goes out I can get a new one for 40 bucks.
I can wail on this thing.
I never could with the keyboard in the little laptop.
I barely posted on the LUG that year.
And Which broke when I hit NY.
I also have a CD DVD burner hooked up as the internal one does not work at
all that well not sure if its working at all.
And about 3 external hard drives hooked up.
I sit in the middle of an electromagnetic field.
I think I'm frying somewhere between shortwave and AM radio.
Lit up.

Mark William Rabiner

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