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Subject: [Leica] Re: OT: different Apple desktops
From: leicachris at (Christopher Williams)
Date: Wed Mar 12 05:58:47 2008
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I've had my 2.4 20" iMac since October. Love it! I put 4gb RAM in and 
Lightroom,CS3 seem to fly by. Nikon NX is another story but 
that's on their end since the program is just freaking slowwww. I weekly 
edit weddings in Lightroom with anywhere from 1,000 to 
2,000 RAW images and I don't see it moving slow at all.

I'm sure I can have more speed and space with the Mac Pro but for now I 
can't justify all the extra $$$ in getting one. I send my 
images to my external Lacie drives so almost nothing is stored on the iMac 
drive itself except for the software programs. My iMac 
has a 320bg hardrive and still show 230gb remaining.

I heard the 24" screen is much better than the 20" but at the time it was 
impossible to find a 24" iMac.

My "Amsterdam Brownie" opinion anyway.


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Subject: [Leica] OT: different Apple desktops

> Since a lot of you out there are Mac folk, I thought I'd ask your  opinion 
> on this. I am tempted to get one of the Mac desktops. I 
> always thought that I needed one of the Mac Pro models due to their  
> horsepower and memory expansion possibilities, but now I see 
> an iMac  2.8 Ghz 24" for a very reasonable price, several hundred Euros 
> less  than a Mac Pro. Memory expandable to 16 GB, 500 GB 
> hard disk, 8x  Superdrive etc.
> What do I really give up if I go for the iMac compared to a Mac Pro?
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