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Subject: [Leica] Not Buying M8
From: glehrer at (Jerry Lehrer)
Date: Wed Mar 12 19:44:29 2008
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I have to agree with you almost 100%.

I already have to spend over 8 hours a day behind a computer at work, so 
I resent having to spend more
time at home working on digital pictures.

I thank the guys who sent in the list of B&W processors.

Jerry Lehrer

Frank Filippone wrote:
> you bring up a good point...... if it is a devalued US $.....
> The M8 would cost $3500 if it were $1 = 1 EURO.  ( currently around $1.5 = 
> 1
> EURO ) 
> Then a lot of this discussion of film to digital nonsense would go away.
> All of us Americans should buy nothing, and all you Rest Or Worlders should
> buy only USA Made goods.
> Then the dollar would rise and the Americans could afford a $3500 Digital 
> M.
> Anyway, I find the rest of the argument unconvincing.  I use film because
> #1, I am not a pro.  I do not have to use digital.  Pros have to use
> digital.
> #2  I have plenty of film cameras that I won, they work, and they do what I
> want them to do.  I do not have to buy something else.
> #3 While my personal finances may allow me to go buy a $5K camera Plus SW
> and Printer and scanner for my existing negatives/transparencies for maybe
> another $2-5K, I choose to spend my $$$ other places, or not at all.
> #4 I can still get suitable film for what I like to do, and get it
> processed, locally ( I live in Los Angeles area so processing is no
> problem).  While some brands have gone away, I have found suitable
> replacements.
> #5 My cameras are reliable.  They are mechanical, made for 50 year life( or
> more.... M6TTL is a pretty tough camera) and can be repaired anywhere in 
> the
> world in a few days by a lot of people.
> #6 I have the patience to not need to Chimp or otherwise have my film
> processed in 2 seconds ( I was never a fan of Polaroid either).  I can 
> wait.
> #7 I just plain prefer to use film.  It suits me, my lifestyle, and my
> hobby.
> Anything wrong with that?  For Me?
> Frank Filippone
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