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Subject: [Leica] Not Buying M8
From: red735i at (Frank Filippone)
Date: Mon Mar 10 08:30:12 2008
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you bring up a good point...... if it is a devalued US $.....

The M8 would cost $3500 if it were $1 = 1 EURO.  ( currently around $1.5 = 1

Then a lot of this discussion of film to digital nonsense would go away.

All of us Americans should buy nothing, and all you Rest Or Worlders should
buy only USA Made goods.
Then the dollar would rise and the Americans could afford a $3500 Digital M.

Anyway, I find the rest of the argument unconvincing.  I use film because
#1, I am not a pro.  I do not have to use digital.  Pros have to use
#2  I have plenty of film cameras that I won, they work, and they do what I
want them to do.  I do not have to buy something else.
#3 While my personal finances may allow me to go buy a $5K camera Plus SW
and Printer and scanner for my existing negatives/transparencies for maybe
another $2-5K, I choose to spend my $$$ other places, or not at all.
#4 I can still get suitable film for what I like to do, and get it
processed, locally ( I live in Los Angeles area so processing is no
problem).  While some brands have gone away, I have found suitable
#5 My cameras are reliable.  They are mechanical, made for 50 year life( or
more.... M6TTL is a pretty tough camera) and can be repaired anywhere in the
world in a few days by a lot of people.
#6 I have the patience to not need to Chimp or otherwise have my film
processed in 2 seconds ( I was never a fan of Polaroid either).  I can wait.
#7 I just plain prefer to use film.  It suits me, my lifestyle, and my

Anything wrong with that?  For Me?

Frank Filippone

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