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Subject: [Leica] Not Buying M8
From: jbcollier at (John Collier)
Date: Sat Mar 8 07:57:20 2008
References: <0JXE002AQD9NUG10@l-daemon>

I was all set to buy an M8 after the announcement that it would be  
upgradeable in the future. With the recent change of heart (and  
management), I am going to wait and see. I am just a casual shooter  
with most years resulting in around thirty + rolls. I can justify my  
present Leicas (M6TTL, IIIG and a IIIF) with the fact that they last  
so long. A digital M is not only twice (or more) as expensive, it is  
also set to not be repairable in as little as five years. Heavy  
shooters and pros can easily justify the expense with the huge film  
and processing savings but I am not shooting enough to do the same.  
Yes I know it would free up my shooting, a fortune saved in  
processing, etc, etc and I agree with all those arguments. However, a  
digital camera also entails more frequent computer equipment upgrades  
as well.

All this to say that I could justify the expense if I could be  
assured of a camera that would last, albeit with regular injections  
of cash. Even if I didn't do every upgrade, the fact that it is  
upgradeable means it also stays repairable. I could wait to until  
there were problems before upgrading. Will I eventually go digital?  
It sure looks like I will have to when chrome starts to dry up but,  
as things stand right now, I will wait until then.


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