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Subject: [Leica] Not Buying M8
From: luisripoll at (Luis Ripoll)
Date: Wed Mar 12 17:02:10 2008
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Hi Alan and all other Luggers commenting this interesting subject and

First at all I would like to say that IMO is big mistake call the
traditionnal photography "Analogic", this word should be properly employed
for other processes, the original photography IMO should be call the
chemical Photography.

The Digital photography is IMO fully useful for professional use, is the
immediat picture, it can be send worldwide, they can shot hundreds without
changing the film....etc.  And it has been too a facility for certain new
photographers that they have never used a camera. Of course, for a trip is
more comfortable one digital body and many memory cards, but for me, as
amateur I can't see for my personnal use any advantage, not in quality, not
for economical reasons, not on the instruments - for me complicated
electronic systems - always depending of the batteries and the computer and
the continuos advance and changes on the technologies, updates etc... The
digital allows either B&W / Color..., I don't need this, I look and I see
subjects for B&W and other for color. I like take pictures, as George said
visualize them previously, my mentality is not neither on the digital
picture, in my mentality a negative is something "solid" I can keep, and I
love the simplicity of the M's, I'm really not wondering at all an M8. I
think that the few we will still working on film we will be as handcraft

These was my 5 cents..

Saludos cordiales


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Quoting "Chris Saganich" <>:

> I only try to think about why I have an apprehension about digital 
> images, even regarding the ones I make.  I feel there is something 
> terribly sinister about the entire digital community and this is
disconcerting to me.
Part of it might be the ease of manipulation.  My favorite photos are those
odd glimpses of life as captured by photographers like Elliott Erwitt.  I
like knowing a situation actually existed somewhere in the world, and there
is a piece of film that was there, and also now exists to prove it.  Photos
always could be faked, but it took a lot of skill to disguise it.

When things are altered digitally, it is like painting, where an artist can
add or subtract anything.  That kind of constructed photography has never
interested me.  I like the challenge of trying to get a perfect image from
an imperfect world.  With digital, any picture can be made perfect, so why
even take pictures?


Alan Magayne-Roshak, Senior Photographer University Information Technology
Services University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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