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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Bath gallery
From: pdzwig at (Peter Dzwig)
Date: Mon Mar 10 04:55:58 2008
References: <0JXH00JV6EXYDS00@l-daemon>


my feeling about the speed of the gallery is that it has a lot to do with 
networks in California. If I track the route I find that the problems really 
occur when requests reach Brian's end, even coming from this side of the 

It may be that when he has moved - if he's moving the server too - that 
might be less of an issue.

Best regards,


Ted Grant wrote:
> Hi Nathan,
> You make the simplest things look beautiful time after time as photographs.
> You certainly have the "Magical EYE!"
> A wonderful collection, thank you very much for posting as this is a series
> one can go over and over and see something new each time.
> Your "web page?" That is, how you show the picture layout thumb nails and
> how quickly they pop open without a moment of time. Certainly compared to
> other folks who's opening is slower than frozen molasses in January! 
> Unfortunately I don't have time to sit waiting for the little green 
> thingies
> scurrying along indicating at sometime today a photo will be born! TOO long
> waiting? And I hate doing it, but unfortunately, click it's gone! :-(
> What kind of software? If that's the technical wording, do you use for the
> type of multi picture layout and speed of opening do you use? 
> And is it possible everyone on the LUG might use it as a standard picture
> posting method & speed up the picture viewing process?
> I'm sure I'm not alone sitting here some days with picture opening image
> frustrations rising waiting for an image to open. But surely there must be
> one standard all could use for speed and brevity?
> WORSE? After waiting what seems like a gzillion hours to open only to:
> Have it open with an instant re-action of.. "What the hell was he thinking
> posting a piece of dung like this?" delete! Then one becomes doubly ticked
> off wasting time waiting for the photo to open, when it does with some file
> 13 piece of crap right in your face.
> Sorry guys I know I'm ragging some butt ends with this, but really it's 
> true
> some days. :-( So is it not possible we could all use an identical picture
> showing system as fast as Nathan's'?
> ted
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