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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Bath gallery
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Sun Mar 9 14:14:04 2008

Hi Nathan,

You make the simplest things look beautiful time after time as photographs.
You certainly have the "Magical EYE!"

A wonderful collection, thank you very much for posting as this is a series
one can go over and over and see something new each time.

Your "web page?" That is, how you show the picture layout thumb nails and
how quickly they pop open without a moment of time. Certainly compared to
other folks who's opening is slower than frozen molasses in January! 

Unfortunately I don't have time to sit waiting for the little green thingies
scurrying along indicating at sometime today a photo will be born! TOO long
waiting? And I hate doing it, but unfortunately, click it's gone! :-(

What kind of software? If that's the technical wording, do you use for the
type of multi picture layout and speed of opening do you use? 

And is it possible everyone on the LUG might use it as a standard picture
posting method & speed up the picture viewing process?

I'm sure I'm not alone sitting here some days with picture opening image
frustrations rising waiting for an image to open. But surely there must be
one standard all could use for speed and brevity?

WORSE? After waiting what seems like a gzillion hours to open only to:

Have it open with an instant re-action of.. "What the hell was he thinking
posting a piece of dung like this?" delete! Then one becomes doubly ticked
off wasting time waiting for the photo to open, when it does with some file
13 piece of crap right in your face.

Sorry guys I know I'm ragging some butt ends with this, but really it's true
some days. :-( So is it not possible we could all use an identical picture
showing system as fast as Nathan's'?




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