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Subject: [Leica] Not Buying M8
From: nathan at (Nathan Wajsman)
Date: Sun Mar 9 00:25:28 2008
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I am with Gene on this. My primary computer for photo work now is a  
Powerbook G4 from 2006 (I bought it second-hand in early 2007). My  
desktop machine is a 5-year old Windows computer, whose only upgrade  
in those 5 years has been adding memory and a second hard disk. Both  
run the newest versions of Lightroom and Photoshop CS2 (I have not  
bothered upgrading to CS3 since I do not use Photoshop much these days).

I do want to get a Mac desktop as well, simply because I have fallen  
in love with OSX but I cannot find an excuse to replace the current  
one--everything runs fine on it.

This is a bit analogous to the argument people sometimes make about  
the cameras themselves. I mostly shoot with the Olympus E3 now, but  
my other DSLR is a Canon 1DII, introduced in 2004 and bought second- 
hand in 2005. There is nothing wrong with the images it gives me, and  
the fact that there are new models that have been introduced since  
does not mean that my pictures suddenly are worse. I don't buy at all  
the idea that a digital camera is for 1 or 2 years. That may have  
been the case in the early days but things are much more stable now.

Of course, nothing will match the 50+ years of usability of the M3,  
but I do not see why any DSLR bought today would not have at least  
5-6 years of useful life in it. Or an M8 for that matter.


On 8-mrt-2008, at 18:52, John Collier wrote:

> I guess it depends on how you define frequent. Software is usually  
> the killer as most current software will not run on a five year old  
> computer. As my present output is chrome, I have no need to scan or  
> print. I do have a scanner -- no longer supported -- and printer   
> which has been upgraded three times.  I print so seldom that I have  
> to get fresh paper and ink each time for colours to be accurate  
> which adds considerably to the expense.
> John
> On 8-Mar-08, at 10:15 AM, wrote:
>> People keep saying that going digital means constant or frequent  
>> computer upgrades.  Why??  I have only recently upgraded my  
>> computer, and it had nothing to do with my using a digital camera,  
>> I just wanted a Mac to do my photography instead of a PC.  My  
>> older computer still works just fine with my 2 digital camera file  
>> types (Nikon and Leica) with no performance issues at all.  The  
>> only thing is having storage for the files, but then you have this  
>> same problem when scanning negatives for digital use.
>> Gene
>> -------------- Original message ----------------------
>> From: John Collier <>
>>> I was all set to buy an M8 after the announcement that it would be
>>> upgradeable in the future. With the recent change of heart (and
>>> management), I am going to wait and see. I am just a casual shooter
>>> with most years resulting in around thirty + rolls. I can justify my
>>> present Leicas (M6TTL, IIIG and a IIIF) with the fact that they last
>>> so long. A digital M is not only twice (or more) as expensive, it is
>>> also set to not be repairable in as little as five years. Heavy
>>> shooters and pros can easily justify the expense with the huge film
>>> and processing savings but I am not shooting enough to do the same.
>>> Yes I know it would free up my shooting, a fortune saved in
>>> processing, etc, etc and I agree with all those arguments.  
>>> However, a
>>> digital camera also entails more frequent computer equipment  
>>> upgrades
>>> as well.
>>> All this to say that I could justify the expense if I could be
>>> assured of a camera that would last, albeit with regular injections
>>> of cash. Even if I didn't do every upgrade, the fact that it is
>>> upgradeable means it also stays repairable. I could wait to until
>>> there were problems before upgrading. Will I eventually go digital?
>>> It sure looks like I will have to when chrome starts to dry up but,
>>> as things stand right now, I will wait until then.
>>> John
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Nathan Wajsman
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