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Subject: [Leica] Not Buying M8
From: grduprey at (
Date: Sat Mar 8 09:24:16 2008

I switched due to my wife complaing about the amount of film I was using and 
the high cost of processing.  I first went to the D200, but it just did not 
provide the images I was used to with my Leica M & R cameras, so when the M8 
came out I decided that even though I am an amateur and sell only an 
occasional photo, the M8 was a required purchase to satisfy both my wifes 
concerns and my need of making images I would like.  Yes, I was in the Dog 
House for about 6 months, but it was worth it.  Now my wife has a very nice 
D200 and I am happy with my M8.  Now I wait for for the R10... And another 6 
months in the dog house.  Maybe longer, as I'm now retired and a more 
restricted cash flow. ;-)


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From: "Robert Clark" <>
> I am in a similar boat since I only take pictures for personal use and the
> film processing (thank goodness it's still available) isn't a major concern
> for me as it is for the pros and more advanced LUGGERS.  I'm looking at
> another film body...perhaps another M6TTL like I have now or an earlier M3
> or M2.  My Nikon D300 serves my digital needs right now.
> I'm enjoying using my Leica lenses and my fairly new 15mm Voigtlander on 
> the
> M6.
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> Subject: [Leica] Not Buying M8
> I was all set to buy an M8 after the announcement that it would be  
> upgradeable in the future. With the recent change of heart (and  
> management), I am going to wait and see. I am just a casual shooter  
> with most years resulting in around thirty + rolls. I can justify my  
> present Leicas (M6TTL, IIIG and a IIIF) with the fact that they last  
> so long. A digital M is not only twice (or more) as expensive, it is  
> also set to not be repairable in as little as five years. Heavy  
> shooters and pros can easily justify the expense with the huge film  
> and processing savings but I am not shooting enough to do the same.  
> Yes I know it would free up my shooting, a fortune saved in  
> processing, etc, etc and I agree with all those arguments. However, a  
> digital camera also entails more frequent computer equipment upgrades  
> as well.
> All this to say that I could justify the expense if I could be  
> assured of a camera that would last, albeit with regular injections  
> of cash. Even if I didn't do every upgrade, the fact that it is  
> upgradeable means it also stays repairable. I could wait to until  
> there were problems before upgrading. Will I eventually go digital?  
> It sure looks like I will have to when chrome starts to dry up but,  
> as things stand right now, I will wait until then.
> John
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