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Subject: [Leica] M8 batteries after 1.201 firmware
From: plus_4 at (Neil Miller)
Date: Wed Feb 13 01:45:28 2008

On: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 12:45:29 -0500 Tina Manley wrote:

"Neil - Mine are doing fine. In fact, they are outlasting the Canon 
5D batteries on this trip. Something has happened with the Canon 
charger and the batteries last about 15 minutes before 
expiring. Leica ones - even the 8 cheap Asian ones I have - are 
holding a charge for a full day or more. I did upgrade to 1.201, too."

Tina, The Asian batteries seem to be working OK. It is the battery level 
indicator on the camera that is not accurate. When you charge one of the 
Asian batteries does it indicate full charge in the camera? I am finding 
that I have no reference as to how much charge is in the battery. Before I 
upgrade to 1.201 the level indicator worked fine. I think one of those film 
gremlins has migrated to the digital world.


Neil A. Miller
Phoenix, Arizona

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