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Subject: [Leica] 15 Zeiss
From: glehrer at (Jerry Lehrer)
Date: Sat Feb 9 15:02:43 2008
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I have NEVER felt the need to use the GG back for my SWC.. In fact I 
just gave it away
last year.
 I don't use hyperfocal distance much.  I can estimate distance very 
well due to my BSA
training as well as time in the US Army Corps of Engineers.


Frank Filippone wrote:
> While all of this is of course, correct, there is a few sets of
> pre-conditioning going on......
> To us a SWC with  the GG back this is what you need to do......
> 1) Take a tripod with you.
> 2) Carry the GG back
> 3) Carry some form of focusing magnifier  ( could be another lens, a pair 
> of
> magnifying glasses or at least something
> 4) Carry a dark cloth or some form of light blocker ( otherwise known as a
> right angle magnifier) to put on the GG back for image composition
> Proceedure....
> a) Set up tripod
> b) Set up Camera on tripod
> c) Take off film back and put it someplace ( not underfoot!)
> d) Put on GG back.
> e) Open lens on B
> f) Compose, focus
> g) close lens, set shutter timing
> h) remove GG back
> i) Put on Film back
> j) Expose. + Crank the film on.
> What does Marks solution of zone focusing take?
> a) point camera
> b) estimate distance or Hyperfocal set the lens to begin with. 
> c) set lens focus
> d) shoot
> e)  Wind film on.
> The difference is the same as using a view camera ( which is what t he SWC
> is when you use a GG) vs a 35mm camera.
> While Henning is right about accurate focus, it all depends on what you
> want, and what your client wants the images for and what you are allowed to
> do in the taking venue.
> I can use a SWC off had in a Museum that does not allow tripods.  But I can
> not use that same camera in that same museum if I want to GG focus.
> Been there, been asked to stop, done that
> It is an apples and oranges comparison.....  Both work, but for different
> applications.  GG focus or Guestimate focus.
> Frank Filippone
> Henning Says......

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