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Subject: [Leica] When in doubt ask photographer
From: drodgers at (David Rodgers)
Date: Mon Jan 14 08:12:46 2008

Peter wrote: 

>>I agree that the "fly on the wall" approach is best in many cases.  It

lends a sense of objectivity to the proceedings.<<

I prefer a sense of objectivity to true objectivity. Purely objective
pictures are pretty boring. We've seen them. The type that are taken at
short intervals from a camera that's hidden behind a little black dome,
and mounted under an overhang on a building, and is being operated by a
computer somewhere. They're boring even when the computer puts little
dots on the face, and connects them, and then blinks like it found a
match in a database, thus inferring that the subject is a bad guy and
social threat. Hey, if it's a bad guy forget the dots. Just use some
dramatic strong low lighting -- like a spot light pointing up from below
the face -- and we'll all know it's a bad guy. If only the programmers
had seen that photo of Krupp, or studied old horror movies. They'd have
used low lighting instead of dots and lines. :-)


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