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Subject: [Leica] RAW archiving
From: shino at (Rei Shinozuka)
Date: Sun Dec 9 16:13:36 2007
References: <> <BAY141-DS1D7181B7B7BAAF791D1ECD4690@phx.gbl> <> <> <> <> <> <>

the whole industry really ought to open these formats up.  
the idea of businesses attempting to maintain some sort of 
competetive advantage 
through proprietary file formats is foolish and destructuve 
to the whole industry.  when i get a camera or a router or most other
equipment, i only with rare great exception install any 
accompanying software.  runing linux, it's not hard.

the thing i'd like to avoid is some pseudo-standard becoming a 
defacto standard like mp3 and gif and then having some patent 
squatters swoop in demanding royalties.


On Dec09 15:45, Tina Manley wrote:
> At 03:38 PM 12/9/2007, you wrote:
> >If Adobe were attempting to pull a Microsoft they'd have a proprietary
> >file format for DNG. They do not. DNG is fully described which is
> >precisely why we tend to want to use it. Nikon, however, HAS pulled a
> >Microsoft in attempting to hold some raw nformation hostage. I try to
> >save files in fully documented and (preferably) open and even ISO
> >standard formats when they are available.
> >
> >Adam
> Adobe says:
> *The file encryption found in some Nikon raw formats has caused some 
> users to question the level of cooperation between Nikon and Adobe in 
> providing solutions for raw processing. 
> <>Get more 
> information about Nikon's and Adobe's joint commitment to our common 
> customer needs.
> But I can't find more information at the link.
> Tina
> Tina Manley
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Rei Shinozuka
Ridgewood, New Jersey

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