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Subject: [Leica] Some more 'cutting the edge'
From: philippe.orlent at (Philippe Orlent)
Date: Sat Dec 8 10:18:41 2007
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Op 8-dec-07, om 18:25 heeft het volgende  

Warning! Only for the really interested :-)

> What matters is what you get, what you feel.

For the sender of the receiver? Or for both?

Might this not be the difference between art and succesful art?
If successful is the right word. Accepted might be a better one.

For a long time, art was described like this: A=Ex^·i/Em^·i
Where A: art, i: individual, Ex: expression, Em: emotion
Thus: art is the most individual expression of the most individual  

A very pure thought. A sender's definition. 19 centuries of art.
But in these mediatized days, and apart from commerce, the receiver  
has become equally important.
And this means factoring in a whole lot of other parameters.
It might be interesting to start charting these parameters and see if  
we can bring this any further.
All individual feelings averaged will probably be one of them. (F^ 
(median of)Æi)


This is fun.
Among some very good personal friends, we have a since art school  
recurring theme called 'Define art'.
It doesn't happen often, but every time that we do, it becomes one of  
those moments we talk about for years.

Philippe :-)

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