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Subject: [Leica] Some more 'cutting the edge'
From: phamard at (
Date: Sat Dec 8 09:25:14 2007


Leonardo and perspective, cutting edge?
Vermeer and oil, cutting edge? 
Georges de la Tour and chiaroscuro, Cutting Edge?
Turner and movement?
Dali and subjectivity? (remember the beautiful postprocessing job you did on 
my Dali museum shot)

Well we all know they were not so popular with everyone in their times.

Canvass instead of wood?
Camera oscura used by painters long before other light catching media were 
Potatoe starch used instead of oil?
Silver used instead of potatoe?
Electrons instead of silver?

Who cares when you can choose.

When looking at some of the past and present works, you like, love or hate 
them. You may also remain indifferent of course.

The technique used, the medium used, postprocessing, don't matter. What 
matters is what you get, what you feel.

Analysis of why, how, and why not, comes long after that - in milliseconds 
and brain value. And is often left open to pure metaphysical speculation.

So why not give everyone, every technique, a chance to develop, expand and 
become an acceptable and accepted thing for many?


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>Date: Sat, 08 Dec 2007 17:55:57 +0100
>De: Douglas Sharp <>
>A: Leica Users Group <>
>Sujet: Re: [Leica] Some more 'cutting the edge'
>In a way, Sonny, it is art - you depict things as you see them, the 
>emotion that makes you push the button is the impulse for recording what 
>you personally feel is worth recording, for me , that's just as much art 
>as if you were expressing yourself in watercolours or oils. Only the 
>tools you employ are different.
>If we, the viewers are given an insight into your momentary emotions at 
>the time, then your "Art" has succeeded - (BTW, the German word "Art" 
>means way or means - perhaps it's better in this context).
>The expression "cutting edge" is , for me, not really applicable to art 
>- it's technical - the cutting edge of technology in photography is the 
>"recent" introduction of digital technologies, art comes into it when 
>the creative mind starts doing things with the technology that employ it 
>as a mere tool to achieve a certain effect - in this way, expertise with 
>Photoshop is much more "cutting edge" than anything photographic.
>My pennorth
>Lottermoser George wrote:
>> I think I understand what you mean Sonny.
>> However, I can't exactly agree with you on your own work.
>> At times, your work, as with most, reaches "art," when the aesthetic 
>> considerations most astutely express your emotional response to the 
>> subject.
>> I have to believe that on occasion you "know" you've made a photograph 
>> which arrived at that balance.
>> Regards,
>> George Lottermoser
>> Picture A Week -
>> On Dec 7, 2007, at 10:36 PM, Sonny Carter wrote:
>>> I walk around with a camera, and pictures jump out in front of me.  I 
>>> can't
>>> help myself, I just push the button.  It aint art,
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