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Subject: [Leica] New Voigtlander 21mm M mount
From: pjleeson at (Philip Leeson)
Date: Fri Dec 7 09:23:06 2007
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You could buy most of the rest of the M-mount Voigtlander catalog...
I also bought the 21mm, you have summarized it well.
Now if the M8 gets back from the upgrade/repair I might get to use it.
On Dec 7, 2007, at 3:46 AM, Robert Rose wrote:

> I  have been wishing for something a bit wider on my M8 than a 28mm,  
> but the cost of the wider Leica lenses have deterred me.  So, I  
> decided to try out a Voigtlander.
> I went looking for the 21mm Color-Skopar f/4, the thread mount one  
> that comes with a viewfinder.  B&H was showing a new Voigtlander  
> 21mm f/4 M mount lens, so I bought that.  It arrived today.
> This new lens is very thin, "pancake" style, and looks more "Leica"  
> like, with the lettering on the front of the lens, and a focus tab  
> similar to those on the Leica lenses.  The mount is an M bayonet.   
> The aperture ring has two wings that make it very easy to grasp and  
> set the aperture.  The focus is very smooth, and the feel of the  
> lens is quite good.  The lens mounts a bit stiff in the bayonet, but  
> that will probably improve over time.
> The lens does not come with a viewfinder (as does the screw  
> version), but the edges of the M8 viewfinder are close enough for my  
> use.  So, I don't think I will bother with an external viewfinder.   
> If I did, I would get the 25mm.  The lens comes with a very small  
> lens hood; I will probably get the bigger hood.
> The Leica f/2.8 ASPH 21mm is about 10 times the cost of this little  
> puppy.
> Of course, now comes the important part; how do the images look?  So  
> far, very good.  I will have some to post after this weekend.  I  
> have tried putting an IR filter on the lens, and of course there is  
> the corner cyan issue.  Right now I am experimenting with a Sharpie  
> trying to get the M8 to think it is a Leica 21mm, to help correct  
> that.
> My main use is going to be travel, so I think that this lens will do  
> just fine.
> Here is my question:  what should I do with the $3,200 I saved by  
> buying this lens over the Leica?  ;-)
> Regards,
> Bob Rose
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