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Subject: [Leica] Canon G9 or Leica M8? Mark
From: hoppyman at (G Hopkinson)
Date: Sun Nov 11 15:47:27 2007
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Mark, on controls
I agree that simple analogue controls are ideal. The makers need to fit 
those knobs on the top plate and get the vital stuff out of
menus IMHO. Did you ever see the Contax N1 before its demise?
On Wetzlar vs Solms
Stephen Lee has not ruled it out but did point out that the former Wetzlar 
operation existed because of the availability of river
water to use for glass grinding. These days they need good roads or rail 
going to the buildings instead. Sure would have a great
symbolic power to see Wetzlar written on the hardware again, though.

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Canon G9 or Leica M8? Mark

> Mark, if that works for you that's great. It would certainly be very
> welcome on a camera like the M8 where it takes 2 button pushes, 1
> thumb wheel twirl and then another button push to set ISO. I just
> don't think the camera performance is where I think it should be for
> that feature. At least not yet.
> Len

The issue is you have to go into the menu to change it.
That's not the greatest. Doable. But not as fast as it should be.
I predict that auto ISO will be a big thing and a company will come out soon
which will have you direct control on it. Or give you and option of
assigning a button to it that's a big thing now. Assigning buttons to
Leica is big on this.
Being the first in NOT making its customers go through menus.
But be hands on like the old days. With controls you can see and feel in
real time in the real world.

Listening Wetzlar? I think they are.

Notice I saw Wetzlar not Solms. Getting ahead of myself as usual.

The 40-acre Leica Park in Wetzlar

Not a topic on the LUG yet!


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