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Subject: [Leica] OT Mac vs PC
From: leica at (Didier Ludwig)
Date: Wed Oct 17 01:26:05 2007
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My OSX 10.4 G5 is very stable, though it's slow for using the Adobe Flash 
author application, one of my main apps. But I don't know whats wrong with 
your PC's. I can't remember when I rebooted the last time one of mine (a 
laptop XP pro 1.8GHz Centrino, one desktop XP pro 3.8Ghz P-IV). Though I 
have lots of 3D games which are the usual suspects when a system breaks.

On the configuration side I've a hardware firewall (router), Zone Alarm 
software Firewall basic, Avira Antivir, that's it. Avoid Norton or McAfee in 
any case as these apps slow down the whole system (and cost a lot). To 
uninstall Norton, a special tool is required as the software control panel 
from Windows does not uninstall it properly (search for Norton removal 

But maybe the reason for my PC's stability is another. I'm a advanced user 
and have them finetuned, and dropped lots of unneded apps and services, and 
am careful about installing new stuff. I guess it's this what makes the 
difference. From this point of view, macs are much easier to handle. Buy, 
plug and play.


>Not wishing to contribute to a religious war, I still want to add my  
>data point. I have been using DOS and later Windows since the first  
>IBM PC came out in 1980. In the spring of 2006 I bought my first Mac,  
>the Powerbook G4 on which I am typing this. In the 1 1/2 year since,  
>the Mac has co-existed with a couple of Windows machines at home plus  
>the one at work. My Windows computers need to be rebooted at least  
>once a day, with the exception of one that is not connected to the  
>net, which "only" freezes a couple of times a week. The Mac has not  
>needed rebooting since I bought it (except when installing software  
>that requires rebooting).
>It is this awesome stability, not speed or pretty icons, that have  
>converted me to Apple.

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