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Subject: [Leica] Film
From: walt at (Walt Johnson)
Date: Thu Oct 4 03:22:08 2007
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Did you ever consider this? Someone up there was looking out for you, 
even though you might have missed the boat yourself. White Levis? A 
photographer thing?  No wonder Arbus found so many willing subjects, it 
was a big city thing. Hearing someone admitting to a search for white 
Levis makes me think of Photographers Anonymous. "/Hi, my name is Henri 
Cartier- Bresson and I fake all my pictures/." 


The man in blue

Mark Rabiner wrote:
> In October 2005 I was going through a thing where I wanted some white
> Levi's. Had always had a pair in my drawer. A photographer thing like the
> guy in Blow up maybe! But I'd stopped seeing them in the stores so that 
> pair
> in my drawer was not there for years.
> So I figured:
> San Francisco is a big town! They must have a big Levi store there!
> So coincidently there seemed to be a real big one just a couple blocks from
> where we'd be staying for the LHSA thing that year in mid October.
> So I walk over there. Its the Levi's factory. The factory store.
> And they had every kind of Levi's you could shake a stick at plus a few you
> can't. Or they could make them any way you like.
> So I got my white Levi's. Plus a weird brown pair. And some other weird
> colors.
> OK I just looked;
> Beige.
> I mainly wear black Levis. Which I hear is very European.
> Or at least Irish.
> Mark William Rabiner
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