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Subject: [Leica] IMG: PAW 29, 30, 31
From: dlr at (Daniel Ridings)
Date: Wed Aug 15 01:32:12 2007

It's been vacation time and I don't even feel bad about it :-)

I started my vacation by volunteering as a school host for Gothia Cup. 
This year we had 31 teams and 492 sleeping over every night (I was 
responsible for fire-safety, so I knew how many were in the building 
each night and where they were in case we had to get them all out).

Some of the newer clubs (I won't mention which Baltic country) are less 
than honest about the ages of their players. We suspected one of signing 
up 18 year-olds, but then playing with 20 and 21 year olds. Age controls 
are rarely done at the actual matches. The team in question didn't live 
at our school, but the team that was disadvantaged is an old 
acquaintance, Gr?n Weiss Rehfelde.

After that, Ewa and I were tired of being organized and planning, so we 
got into the car and headed for southern Denmark. We had only arranged 
accommodations for the first night:

In a pleasant town called Ribe (Denmark's arguably oldest town):

But from then on, it was a bit messy. We found a bed and breakfast over 
an internet cafe in Flensburg (last door to the right):

That was right off the main street in the city, so walking distance to 
everything (35 Euro a night for 2, not 35 Euro each, but for both, 
breakfast cost 4 Euro per person).

The harbour:

Then we went on to L?beck, because the B&B didn't have a room available 
the next day either.

The whole experience can be summed up by hotel breakfasts, the PAW for 
week 30:

During my vacation the summer was cold, rainy and lousy:

PAW 31:

Thanks for your patience,


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