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Subject: [Leica] New member - iso film take-up spool
From: william.seibert at (William Seibert)
Date: Sat Aug 11 08:17:52 2007

Hello LUG!

I just subscribed because I was recently given a Leica
IIIc with two collapsible lenses, 50/3.5 and 35/3.5, a
35mm finder and an apparently dead light meter with a
low-light attachment.  It is my first Leica, though I
have enjoyed a FED 2 for a few years and the joys of
rangefinder photography.

First of all, I'm desperately in need of a film take
up spool!  If anyone has a spare that they're willing
to sell, please email me on or off list.  My email is  Thank you for your
consideration - I'm just chomping at the bit wanting
to get shooting!

Secondly, is there any way to revive a dead light
meter?  The needle jumps up when I attach the low
light attachment, but otherwise the needle rests at
the bottom of the window.  I'd imagine a replacement
selenium cell (if that's what's in it) is the answer,
but I'm afraid that no one makes these.  Any thoughts?
 Or is a light meter funeral in order?

Thank you for your time.

Will Seibert

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