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Subject: [Leica] Re: Olympus vs. Leica
From: r.s.taylor at (Richard Taylor)
Date: Thu Jul 26 15:46:17 2007
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Thanks Mark.  My head is still swimming from the changes in Nikkor  
lens types since I last checked in with Nikon (think F3A - it's been  
a while).  It all used to be so easy.

I suspect there's a D40x in my future.  It's only slightly bigger  
than the E-410, has the larger sensor,  and there are all those  
wonderful old Nikkors to use with it.  (Even restricting the choice  
to CPU/AF lenses still leaves a lot of used stock to choose from.)



On Jul 26, 2007, at 2:44 PM, Mark Rabiner wrote:

>> Mark - How did you set exposure with that lens on the D40x?  I've
>> been looking at one but all the info I've found says the meter is  
>> non-
>> op with non-CPU lenses.  What specific model was the lens?  E.g., AF?
>> AI? AF-I?  or something else?
>> Thanks.
>> Regards,
>> Dick
>> On Jul 20, 2007, at 12:56 AM, Mark Rabiner wrote:
>> (snip)
>>> I carried around and shot with my D40x tonight with an old 28 2.8
>>> early AF
>>> lens on it in the Lincoln Center area. There was a big  party going
>>> on with
>>> a musical group with lots of percussionists. I was glad I had a
>>> compact 2.8
>>> and not a big slow zoom like I often have on my cameras.
>>> I focused myself and had a ball doing it.
>>> Shot at A set the lens at f4. Not more P for me.
>>> The lens is not worth 40 bucks but I love using it.
>> (snip)
>>> Mark Rabiner
>>> Snap snap
> Its an AF lens and so the exposure works.
> If it was not an AI lens I think the exposure doesn't work. Pity.
> Love using many lenses of the 70's vintage on my D200.
> But to me that's just not a casual work around walk around camera.
> Just a bit overly enabling for my blood. My tunnel carpel is waning  
> with
> this feather weight I carry for miles with the neck strap wrapped  
> around my
> wrist.
> So I just now put an old 28mm 3.5 on it I got for 40 bucks.
> It says "lens I not attached" on the back of it!!!
> So I set it on M and I get my exposures by trial and error like  
> shooting
> polaroids. Kind of fun but I'll skip it on this body for the old  
> stuff. Just
> use the higher priced spread bodies for the old glass.
> The AF 28 2.8 I had on there the other day is the very first AF  
> lens Nikon
> made when they just first invented AF. Ugly. Not very popular.  
> Cheap. No
> close focusing correction. CRC
> No dampening when you focus.
> Love it.
> Its light as a feather compact and is good wide open at 2.8.
> People don't run away when I photograph them with it.
> Mark William Rabiner
> Harlem, NY.
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