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Subject: [Leica] Long Xtol rant -- digerati may wish to delete
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Thu Jul 26 12:16:24 2007

> Yup, I've developed a few hundred rolls of Tri-X in Xtol 1:3. It works very
> well.
> Other films have a problem at this dilution, Tmax 100 in particular. I 
> found
> this out the hard way <grin>
> Steve
That film I why its not in the documentation to not use 1:3 any more.

They figure that whatever film you are using you may accidentally be using
the Tmax 100 by mistake.
So to avoid that to skip that dilution altogether.

I think they'd make more money if they just told everybody to just use it

But then they'd replenish and it would get chalked up to a loss again.

But nowadays with the internet and all with some searching. Silver surfing.
You'd see that 1:3 is the magic smart number;
Which makes this developer emulate high rez spreads...
with smooth grain results as well.

A thing which you didn't get both of previously. At the same time.

You want it fast - you want it good - pick your poison!!!!!

Well it seems sometimes you can get your bread with your butter on it at the
same time.
And one hand knows knowing which is buttering!!!!

... Where the butter is coming from.

Not growing on trees. Butter trees.

Which flourish in the shade. For obvious reasons.

Mark William Rabiner
Harlem, NY

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