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Subject: [Leica] Re: Olympus vs. Leica
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Fri Jul 20 19:47:17 2007

On 7/20/07 9:40 PM, "G Hopkinson" <> typed:

> Mark the resolution is virtually the same despite the difference in sensor
> size. How the camera software and/or the user deals with
> noise and sharpening and ISO levels might be more significant than the
> physical sensor size.
> I absolutely agree with you that compact DSLR bodies are a welcome
> development. Even better with a compact prime on the front.
> Cheers
> Hoppy

The big new dumb thing now is smallish cameras with huge glass on the front
to double the size. Leica a leading offender. People never get to experience
how handy their body was designed. We need pancakes as usual.

I disagree though on your saying the resolution is the same so what's the

Both a Minox and a Rolleiflex are capable of making 16x20s.
Put the prints side by side and acreage counts big.
And its the same with digital capture.
Cameras  are sold by their megapixels and the sensor size is often
impossible to unearth and we get sucked into it.

This cutting of the APS-C format in half just to come up with a new thing
seems very arbitrary to me; the 4/3 format. But at least it stops wrong
minded people from trying to do serious work on point and shoots which
sensor sizes the size of regular 8 movie film. No offence Jim Shulman!

Unfortunately is does not stop other not in the know buyers from trying to
do serious worth with a 4/3 which should be done with at least a APS-C.

With the APS-C format you have overkill in much uploading to galleries or
what not or much magazine or newspaper work but you DO have the option to
make really clear large inkjets. That option is open to you. That digital to
analog conversion is encouraged.
I still say the proof is in the printing.

Make a handier camera and the lack of blow-up-ability is worth it.
But are 4/3s handier than a D40 or smallest rebels? Hardly.

And you cant even use the other guys "Leicas" glass without major caveats.
Which are hard to polish out.

Mark William Rabiner
Harlem, NY

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