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Subject: [Leica] leicanon experiments
From: jnswickard at (
Date: Sun Jul 1 09:56:35 2007
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Which adapter did you use for the Rollei to EOS?? Did you try itn with a 
25/2.8 or 35/2.8 distagon?? Do you get infinity focus?

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From: Douglas Sharp <>
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Subject: Re: [Leica] leicanon experiments

Looks like a good combination to me, Rei, lovely portraits?
I've been using Leicanon with lenses ranging through Pentax M42, Leica_R, 
Rollei, Zeiss and Yashica, and even Topcon (which doesn't however focus to 
infinity) for quite some time, and now I'm waiting for my R-EOS adapters to 
be delivered, but I have already had good results with CY-EOS and M42 focus 
confirmation adapters and Zeiss/Yashica or Pentax and Fuji lenses on my 20D. 
All I want now is focus confirmation adapters for Rollei QBM mount. :-)?
All things considered, the Canon mount is probably the most versatile there 
ever was, AFAIK, you can also fit Nikon and Pentax-K lenses on it too, and I 
recently saw an adapter for Hasselblad lenses too.?
I agree, the finder of the 20D is a little dim, and I personally have 
problems focusing with anything below 90mm, which isn't so bad considering 
the increased DOF with wider angles. However, it is hard work getting spot 
on focus with macro lenses or bellows - a magnifier would be a great idea, 
but I've only found right angle finders so far.?
Best from Hannover?
Rei Shinozuka wrote:?
> i rented a canon 20D for a week to try out this leicanon thing?
> you all are talking about. i never even held a canon before;?
> the 20D with battery grip looks and handles a lot like an R4-7.?
> focusing was not easy on the 20D's smallish (compared with an R or SL)?
> viewfinder image, but it's probably my problem. my eyes have never > been 
> great--poor eyesight is what pushed me into the M system > in the first 
> place. it would be great to have some kind of magnifier to?
> make the focusing image "full size". maybe it's not a problem with?
> full-frame cameras like the 5d.?
> the $75 Roxsen EOS-R adapter i used allows the camera's focus > 
> confirmation to work--the middle dot in the image blinks red > and a red 
> ball illuminates at the lower right of the viewfinder.?
> i pretty much stuck to the 80 lux.?
> here's what i got yesterday:?
> -rei?
> ?
Leica Users Group.?
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