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Subject: [Leica] OT - Does anyone know how to open an oxidated battery compartment?
From: Thinkofcole at (
Date: Fri Jun 22 15:20:04 2007

Didier, the Petri Color 35 is a nice camera, so you want to work  
its just battery acid, you might try a tiny drop or two of water on  a Q-tip 
around the battery cover and see if, after a minute or so, a Nickel  turned 
clockwise doesn't loosen the cover...Next, also with a Q-tip you might  try 
tiny drop or two of rubbing alcohol...Lastly, you might try the same with  
Ronsonol lighter fluid...
Once you get the cover off and remove the battery, you probably have  dried 
green battery acid residue inside...Be careful how you clean it  because at 
bottom of the hole is a round metal piece that might be eaten  away by the 
acid and if it comes loose there are wires underneath...
I hope this helps...regards, bob cole
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Does  anyone know a good method to open an oxidated battery compartment? The 
metal  battery cover of a cute Petri Color 35 (which I just bought from  in 
the neighbourhood) should be opened with a coin, but does not move, even  
larger coins and rather much power. I guess it's strongly oxydated. Can I  
operate with very small drops of acetic acid, or another acid? Or 
oil? Unfortunately the battery compartment is inside the body, so a 
with liquids should be done very carefully. 

Thanks in advance for any  advice

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