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Subject: [Leica] PAW 13 - Seafront
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Mon Jun 11 05:33:03 2007

Peter Dzwig offered:
Subject: [Leica] PAW 13 - Seafront

>>>I've been spending a bit of - and plan to spend more - of the early part
of this summer in Swanage, which is the gateway to the Jurassic Coast
World Heritage Coastline. So be prepared for more from down there.

This week's offering:

this was actually taken at Easter, which goes to show how much catching
up I have to do! Anyway I am not that happy with this one as, although
it shows what the place is like at that time of year, I can't resolve
the problem of the light on the jacket of the woman on the left and the
plastic grocery bags by her side. I thought that I had got most of the
highlights in zone whatever ;-) but getting the white walls on caused
the problem in the foreground. No amount of post processing with PS
would get rid of it without un-necessarily dulling the rest or the local

Good morning Peter,
One thing to forget is any discussion about the "ZONE SYSTEM!"
That's for rock and ferners to get their under shorts in a twitch and knot


There's only one zone a photojournalist needs to understand and be concerned
with, it's a "De-militarized zone" DON'T GO THERE! :-) Or stay real low to
the ground! ;-)

This photograph as it looks on screen is fine, besides is there a film,
pixel or whatever so absolutely perfect every single little highlight,
shadow or anything in between is going to be absolutely perfect?

OH heavens I shouldn't have said that it'll raise a fire storm of techie
responses! Aaaaacccccccckkkkkkkk! ;-)

Yeah yeah I know there's the photo nit pickers who are far more concerned
about a rock looking good than what the content illustrates! Just another
pretty stone!

Besides what's far more important in this photograph is the content and
wonderful composition. It has all the offerings of a Cartier Bresson
circa... 1951 UK coast look. And old Henri would be proud to have shot it!

Looks like the beginning of a summer of interesting moments. Please keep
them coming as you're off to a good start!


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