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Subject: [Leica] levitating dogs Now OKCLUG
From: kcarney1 at (Ken Carney)
Date: Wed Jun 6 17:11:07 2007

My God that's a weenie little camera, and he's not even holding it level.
Well, Leffe does that after a while.  In honor of Sonny's visit, here is
Sunday's flower pic:


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> One of our running jokes here has been that we visit friends all over
> the country but no one ever comes to Oklahoma City.  This week Sonny
> came to town and we have been having a delightful visit.
> After our Cavaliers gave him a warm (and wet) Oklahoma welcome, we all
> (Janice and I and Sonny and the other member of the OKCLUG, Ken Carney
> and his wife Susan) went out to a Thai restaurant for supper.  They sure
> do know how to spice their food. We were offered our choice on a scale
> of 1 to 5 and chose 3. After a few bites I was sweating and begging for
> more water.  Sonny just smiled and said this was the first food he'd had
> in Oklahoma that tasted like home.
> I'll let him you tell you about his son Eric, the bassist, who is here
> attending an impressive gathering of musicians. This is quite an
> accomplishment for a high school student and Sonny is rightfully proud.
> Attached is a photo I took in our backyard, before we left for supper,
> of Ken and Sonny displaying their, ummm, hardware.  (Ken is on the left
> for you newbies.)  I didn't watch the light very well and caught Sonny
> squinting into the sun.  Despite what the faux frame says, this was shot
> FOR MY DEFECTIVE M8.  Well, they say they have, but its not here yet.
> And in honor of the Beneluggers, Ken is holding a bottle of Leffe
> Blonde.  Sonny, who holds his camera properly, has set down his
> Grimbergen Double Ale.
> --Bob

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