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Subject: [Leica] Darkroom (Nova "trays")
From: topoxforddoc at (charlie chan)
Date: Wed Jun 6 10:07:57 2007
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I've used a Nova slot processor for my B&W for the last 4-5 years. It  
is a really good way of doing it and much more economical than old  
fashioned tray developing. It is a bit more difficult to judge when  
the print is just right; In a tray, it's very easy to judge that.  
With a Nova, you just have to lift the print out from time to time  
and see for your self. My chemical can keep ok for up to a month with  
the lids on. I find it very easy for short periods in the darkroom. I  
turn the processor on about 20 mins before the session (there is a  
temp controlled heating unit) and then go in with about two mins set- 
up time. Tidying up takes about 4-5 mins only. If you buy one, buy a  
few 'nova clips' as you need these to hold the paper to stop it  
slipping into the vertical tanks.


On 6 Jun 2007, at 12:59, Daniel Ridings wrote:

> Believe it or not, but it is becoming more difficult, not easier,  
> to do digital prints. Companies like Epson are changing their  
> printers so that you can't use 3rd party (piezo-, and carbon) inks.
> Just like cameras, printers have become a moving target and it is  
> difficult to keep abreast with what is happening (unless you can  
> afford one of the really good ones, the big ones ... they seem to  
> be more stable).
> I am only interested in black and white, not color. Printing color  
> digitally is less of a problem, actually, hardly one at all.
> So I am thinking about keeping my darkroom set up after all. I have  
> a dedicated room for it (even though the boys have booked it for  
> their week-end poker nights now and then).
> One of the things I don't like is washing up all the trays when I  
> am finished and have been thinking about the Nova system with a box  
> and vertical slots with very little contact between the liquids and  
> air. You are supposed to be able to just put the cover on and the  
> chemicals will last longer without you having to pour them over to  
> bottles after each run (if you don't just throw them out).
> Is this a reasonable way of working for someone who would only go  
> into the darkroom once a week (possibly twice).
> Daniel
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