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Subject: [Leica] OT: 50 years of Asahi Pentax
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Sun Jun 3 18:19:00 2007

On 6/1/07 8:02 PM, "Eduardo Albesi" <> typed:

> The lens is a chrome version of the Pentax 40/2.8 limited Pancake
> lens, hood included (a revival of the historical 40/2.8M manual focus
> Pancake lens). Other pancake lenses (Contax's Tessar 45/2.8, Nikkor
> 45/2.8GN, etc) offered similarly ugly hoods at the time
> Ed Albesi

Pentax also makes a short tele pancake in a limited edition which has to be
a first.  Amazing! I saw them on the B&H site they are both very expensive.
And I was guessing they were just ripping off the Mr Kobajashi Cosica made
designer pancake he had make for nikon. Which I shoot with all the time. In
silver I kind of wish mine was black anybody want to trade?
And is a throwback to my first lens on my first SLR which as the 45mm GN
Nikor which went from 2.8 to f 32 and was a blitz lens. Which means in
German it was mechanically linked the f stops to the focusing for manual
flash purposes. Which I used all the time.

F 3 foot at f32 and be there at half power with my Manual Metz. Lots of
events and weddings.

So its not a blueberry pancake its a cheese blintz. Give or take the n.

Using my excellent (its a Tessar copy probably Cosina make for nikon with
nikon name on it 45 2.8 pancake on my excelling D200 digital nikon it
becomes a tele pancake though.
1.5 x 45 = 67.5 mm

A bit of a grabber.

Mark Rabiner
New York, NY

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