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Subject: [Leica] Scanning HELP
From: hoppyman at (G Hopkinson)
Date: Fri May 11 15:44:13 2007
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OK well, when you do your preview scan, look at the levels and adjust the 
exposure if clipped. For a dense neg you may have to
increase the exposure. Put your crop box within the image (no border or the 
exposure is influenced by the border area)
Size is a different thing. If scanning to make prints then I suggest using 
the highest actual dpi your scanner can do. Just for web
it can be smaller and faster of course.

I'll catch you off-list if you like.


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Subject: RE: [Leica] Scanning HELP

Hi Hoppy,

First at all thanks for your answer, but my problem is not if I should use
and how Vuescan or Silvedrfast, my problem starts only when I have a dark
negative and the Epson don't keep the original size, if I don't find a
solution, on such cases is when I should use Vuescan or Silverfast, but I
don't like how they work, I prefer my Epson, and on this aspect I'm very
surprised too.

Saludos cordiales

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Luis. The differences may be what settings you use with each program.

I agree that you have captured an excellent tonal range in the first pic.
I only tried Silverfast briefly as mine (that came with an Epson scanner)
had some driver issue that crashed my computer when I tried it.
Vuescan should be faster than the Epson software. Flatbeds are not very
fast, of course.
I'll send you some settings to try. (Daniel's setting for scanning his
lovely Rollei stuff!) I haven't had much success in using the bw film
presets in Vuescan.
Two suggestions, don't try to alter the tonal range when you scan. But be
sure that no tones are being clipped. If you see clipping you can then
adjust the exposure in the scan. As long as you capture everything you then
can adjust better with levels and curves in Photoshop.
Try scanning the bw as a colour slide, then reversing the image in
Photoshop. (suggested by my fine art printing guy here).
I've found that this gave me better tonal range on a contrasty neg than
scanning as a bw.


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Subject: [Leica] Scanning HELP

Hi all,
I need some help and advices about what can I do with my scanning problem.
First point: I'm scanning with a EPSON 3170, and I'm absolutely fully
satisfied and happy with the results, IMO I obtain better detail and tones
than scanning with Silverfast (too contrasty/hard), or Vuescan (Too
soft/smooth, loss of details, but better on the shadows). Please compare
these three pictures (For Vuescan and Silverfast I've used the trial
This one was scanned with the Epson 3170 software, for me is perfect:
This one with Silverfast, contrast is more hard/strong, certain loss of
This one with Vuescan, more soft, more shadows details, please see an
important loss of details on the left corner
Up to here, your question could be, what are you asking for?. 
HERE IS THE ORIGIN OF THE PROBLEM: when I scann with the Epson very dark
negatives the resulting image is:
usually with an important loss of parts of the image, for this reason I've
started the tests with Vuescan and Silverfast:
With Silverfast
With Vuescan
As you can appreciate Vuescan produce more detail on the shadows, but the
overall image quality I like is the one with the EPSON, and here is my
Could somebody tell me what can I do to avoid this problem with the Epson?
Beside this, IMO is more friendly work with Silverfast tahn Vuescan, on this
one every change you do it refresh and takes an enormous time!, on the other
hand Silverfast has a wide range of films type to scann, you can better
define the resolution..., I like more the Silverfast software, but not the
final image.
Your comments and help will be really appreciated,
Thanks in advance


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