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Subject: [Leica] Re: LUG Digest, Vol 34, Issue 395
From: wrs111445 at (Bill Smith)
Date: Sat Apr 7 06:57:00 2007

We used to say back in the 60s that there were two kinds of TR3 
drivers--ones that had already rolled their car and ones that were about to. 

John Collier <> wrote:  All of this is well documented and 
a sad tale indeed to read. While 
MG sports cars were profitable and selling well, Triumph sport cars, 
which were not profitable nor selling well, managed to garner all the 
R&D cash that BLM had. They came up with such winners as the Triumph 
Stag and first series TR7s. Triumph hated MG and made sure they had 
no R&D funds.

Regardless of all we have said about Lucas electrics, and your 
experiences, an early MGB is one of the best sports cars out there 
for a hobbyist.


On 7-Apr-07, at 5:53 AM, Brian Ampolsk wrote:

> Well, Lucas was certainly part of the problem... but NOT the whole 
> problem. I bought a new MGB in 1977. It was the first model with 
> catalytic converter. What a disaster!!! the so-called engineers 
> had apparently cut 8 or 10 inches out of the exhaust and stuck in a 
> catalytic converter. Well, that screwed up the balance of the 
> exhaust system so that it pulled against the manifold creating 
> space, and then cracking the exhaust manifold. In three miserable 
> years, I went through three exhaust manifolds and four complete 
> exhaust systems. When I finally traded the beast in 1980 for a 
> volvo, it needed exhaust system number 5. Now, there had been a 
> recall on this. What MG did was to insert a piece of asbestos 
> between the exhaust system and the manifold. of course, that 
> also came loose. And, this was only one problem... imagine my 
> surprise when on the Schuykill Expy stuck in traffic, my car 
> started to overheat... well (and this may indeed have been 
> Lucas), it turns out that the radiator fans (there were two) were 
> electrically driven and thermostatically controlled. Anyway, the 
> fuses had the wonderful attribute of blowing in traffic. There was 
> a vast array of other problems with this car. It was my last 
> british car.

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