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Subject: [spam] [Leica] Focus, Noctilux, M8, C Mode & Scotch
From: eduardoalbesi at (Eduardo Albesi)
Date: Sat Mar 17 13:18:41 2007
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a ccd sensor is much less tolerant of small focus shifts than film.  
This has been discussed to extreme boredom in almost every photo  
forum on the internet.

The M8 is no exception. To make things worst, at Solms they just used  
the focus tolerances they were used to have with film cameras, and  
have been adjusting the rangefinders with those parameters.

Check focus accuracy with every other lens you can mount on the M8.  
If the Nocti is the only lens off focus, then a lens calibration is  
almost mandatory. If also the other lenses misfocus, suspect a camera  
RF misalignment. Check if the two images superimpose completely when  
the lens is at infinite. Use a very distant and contrasty target (a  
bright star would be ideal). If your RF is off at infinite (the two  
images in the patch do not superimpose perfectly), get a 2mm Allen  
wrench and follow the steps in this thread: 

Good luck


El 17/03/2007, a las 16:54, Robert Rose escribi?:

> I would like to follow Ted's advice and just take this Noctilux  
> everywhere, but I am having an issue with focus, and I don't know  
> whether it is me, the lens, the M8, or all three.
> The lens seems to focus slightly beyond where I think the focus  
> should be.  I am using the 1.25x eyepiece magnifier to help, but it  
> still is there.
> If I try shooting at a ruler, at the closest focus around 3.5 feet,  
> the focus seems to be maybe 0.5 to 1.0 inches beyond the focus I  
> set.  (Of course, when hand holding I am probably swaying more than  
> that.)  With the shallow DOF at f/1, this is enough to put an eye  
> out of focus.
> I have tried using the C mode when shooting at f/1, and fire off a  
> series of exposures while I ever so slightly rotate the focus  
> further away.  This actually works, and almost guarantees that one  
> of the exposures has the focus I want.  It is not really how I want  
> to shoot, however.
> Another embodiment of the C mode method would be to first have a  
> drink of scotch, focus, and while shooting a run of exposures sway  
> forward slightly into the scene.
> So, what are your thoughts?  Should I:
> 1.  Send the lens & M8 to Leica for a checkup, and forget about the  
> camera for two months?
> 2.  Send the lens & M8 to someone other than Leica?
> 3.  Just send the M8 in for a checkup?
> 4.  Just use the C mode method?  If so, which brand of scotch do  
> you think would work best?
> 5.  Send myself for a checkop?
> Cheers,
> Bob Rose
> Robert Rose
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